Los Potros Malambo – Folk Company

Keeping a source of inspiration the Folklore and Argentino Malambo, a non-traditional way and adding the use of tools to the different artistic disciplines, Gardella Brothers created the dance company "Los Potros Malambo". 

In its beginnings as a family project, they were dabbling in choreography creations that began to shape in his imagination. 

Javier and Isaac Gardella as they grew took their passion at various folk festivals, earning awards and recognition from their peers and the jury of each of these competitions that encouraged them to continue the chosen path. 

The company has been convened to participate as guest dancers in different productions that were performed on international tours such as in; Italy (2008), Germany (2009), France (2010 and 2011), USA (2013), Russia (2015 -2018), China (2010- 2015). 

They participated in the 2012 American reality TV., Produced by FOX and Univision, "Q'Viva The Chosen" with the conduct of Jennifer Lopez, Marc Antonny and Jamie King, having reached the end of the competition. 

In 2014 they were invited to join the successful show "SIGNUM" who headed Sean Mckeown (director of Cirque du Soleil). 

In 2016, his show "Pulse of the Earth" obtain two nominations for the "Estrella de Mar" Award (awarded by critics of Buenos Aires shows), as “Best Dance Performer” and another “Best Choreography”. 

In July 2016 they are specially invited by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation to be part of the Bicentennial Celebrations of the Argentine Independence, where they danced for the President of the Republic and National Authorities being transmitted by television to all the country. 

In 2017, they create their new show "Pura Sangre", which received rave reviews from the specialized media and achieving carry out more than 50 shows. In 2018, they take that same show to Russia where they are again applauded standing by the audience. 

During 2019, the directors begin to work on their new production "KUNAN". Unfortunately due to the Pandemic, the tour planned from March 2020 by Russia, China, Israel, Bulgaria and Turkey had to be suspended.

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