Marcos Ayala


Marcos Ayala, director, choreographer and dancer, proposes a constant reinvention of the genre to keep Tango current through the generations. With his dance company, he has achieved a language of great significance that leaves the astonished audience in their expectations.  He expresses all his experience and knowledge through choreographic creations of contemporary stories without neglecting the style of dance that he best interprets, “tango". 


Marcos Ayala and his partner, Paola Camacho, create a perfect dance cuple, with synchronous movements of great interpretive technique. His virtuosity leaves amazed the audience as well as the participation of other dance couples that making up the Company. 


With more than 10 years of experience and being one of the most important professional tango companies in Argentina, it performs extensive international tours every year, showing in each of its performances its stamp of indisputable artistic quality.

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